Your instructor style? “Approachable and disarming.”Not only is @gainsxgaines motivational, intentional, and focused, she also recognizes that the studio can be scary for the first time. An accomplished instructor at @bspokestudios today, a national caliber bodybuilder, and a rock star corporate manager, it wasn’t so long ago that she was a first time rider in that same seat where her students are riding. Deja feels it’s important to tell her story and make herself more relatable. “I motivate through positivity and help people to feel more empowered to push themselves beyond where they thought they could be yesterday.”


Stories of how others grew up and overcame hardship inspires Deja. She thrives on those 1 on 1 conversation where she can learn about someone so deeply. But she also recognizes that our interactions don’t afford this everyday in every moment. As a leader Deja is guided by this quote that inspires empathy and understanding.


So how does she do it? Is she super human? Nope. Very human. Deja thrives as a B/SPOKE instructor, in her corporate career, and as a #physiquebodybuilder through intense focus and prioritization. “Every day and every hour presents a choice where you have to decide where you align. I’m not going to push myself into something unreasonable. I give myself treats and rest days. But when its time to focus in it’s important that I’m not deviated from my goals.”