COEO Approved Gift Guide 2018

It's here! The COEO-approved gift guide of 2018! We have curated a selection of our must-haves and want to share them with you! Ranging from $6.00—$60.00, there is something for everyone on your lists, including YOU! 


1. 'No Man's Land', A new magazine from The Wing, for women with something to say and nothing to prove. 

2. Ultra Repair Lip Balm by First Aid Beauty. This is a winter STAPLE for our creative director. It is a bit pricy for a lip balm, but it is WORTH it! Fight that chappy winter! 

3. 'Material World, Mystical World', For chic individuals interested in the world of astrology (or perhaps already familiar with it) this book is a perfect read over the holiday break! (and, might we add, a great addition to your coffee table) 

4. Opinel Pocket Knife No. 8. Another staple for our creative director, this handy-dandy knife can almost always be found in her backpack. Great for lovers of the outdoors, road trippers, or the knife throwers in your life. P.S. We here they're customizable ;) 

5. Moleskin notebooks. We've tired them all. Our founder, Scarlet, even has a collection of those cute Korean notebooks, but nothing compares to the sexy sheets of a moleskin notebooks!

6. Outdoor Voices Slashback Crop. Perfect for the yogi/cycler in your life! We love this crop because we can bounce from studio to studio in it, and look damn cute doing it. 

7. Y-7 everything. Shirts, tanks, leggings, hats, candles...this is by far the hippest hip hop yoga studio we've seen, and their apparel reinforces this!!

8. NUUN Energy. A perfect stocking stuffer for all the hustlers in your life! We like to pop this into our bottles before classes or meetings, and it's honestly a life saver—especially on those days where you just wanna crawl back into bed at 2pm :) 

9. Muji Pens. We are all on the Muji train at COEO! These pens are honestly delectable, especially on a moleskin! And what's super cool is that you can buy refillable ink! Eco chic!! <3

Hanna Yang